Himalayan Salt Foot Spa and Scrub (30 min)

Foot Spa and Scrub Only: $34.95  |  Add additional 30 min of Reflexology Foot Massage: $64.95

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt helps draw out toxins and impurities from the body.  The salt is antimicrobial, antiseptic, hypoallergenic and ionic.  Will not only detoxify the body but will also soften the skin and their warmth helps relieve stress and promote relaxation.
Add 30 min of Reflexology foot massage for only $30.00 extra.

De-Aging Saltmousse Body Scrub (45 min)

Member: $60  |  Non-Member: $70

Cleanse away impurities and gently exfoliate rough, un-even skin texture as well as balance, moisturize, hydrate and nourish the body with this sulfate-free foaming Pineapple and Papaya salt scrub.

LumaFirm Body Firm and Glow Body Wrap (75 min)

Member: $135  |  Non-Member: $155

Lavish your skin with this enticing, refreshing treatment as it quickly absorbs and drenches your skin with continuous hydrating repair and rejuvenation. Lightens and brightens as it smoothes your skin.

Stem Cell Cellulite Body Contouring Wrap (75 min)

Member: $135  |  Non-Member: $155

Exquisite 3-in-1 exfoliating, contouring, and regenerating wellness experience; this results driven break-through therapy features features duo-dermal target repair technology. Dissolve unwanted fat and cellulitic deposits while reducing skin sagging, and repairing sun damage for a youthful-looking body.

Ear Coning

Member: $45  |  Non-Member: $50

Ear coning is an ancient method of cleansing the ears from the debris and wax that can become lodged in the ear. This process utilizes ear cones, which are hollow candles carefully hand made from strips of cotton mesh, bees wax, and a special formula of herbs and flower essences. Ear coning uses heat to operate osmotically to help reduce pressure in the ears in a natural way.