Thoughts about what to wear, when to show up, or how much to tip, might distract you from fully enjoying your treatment. To make your spa experience more enjoyable, we have provided this page to answer your questions.

[list style=”list-img3″] To ensure that we can accommodate your needs, please book in advance and inform us if you are pregnant, have any special needs, allergies or medical conditions [/list][list style=”list-img3″] We ask that you arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled reservation to allow yourself ample time to check in, change and relax while enjoying complimentary refreshments. Please note that late arrivals will have treatment times adjusted accordingly to ensure timeliness for next guest and charged for full treatment originally reserved. [/list][list style=”list-img3″] Try not to eat for at least an hour before the treatment. [/list][list style=”list-img3″] We ask that as a common courtesy to other guests at the spa, please do not speak on your cell phone, and turn off any mobile devices during your visit. [/list][list style=”list-img3″] Stay away from alcohol on the day of the treatment Alcohol is known to dehydrate your body, and so do some of the spa treatments. It’s a good idea to avoid any alcoholic beverages if you are planning a trip to Massage Nirvana Day and Medi Spa. [/list][list style=”list-img3″] Drink plenty of water. Spa treatments often release toxins from your body. To keep yourself hydrated, be sure to drink plenty of water before and after your treatment. [/list][list style=”list-img3″] Knowing which service and treatment is right for you is about personal preference and needs. Our team is always prepared to assist you by answering further questions, and by helping to determine your needs in selecting the perfect treatment. [/list][list style=”list-img3″] Relax, this is your time. Your therapist will give you a consultation before the treatment starts to provide the best possible experience. We may inquire on certain topics including pressure, temperature, comfort, etc. Please feel free to relay any issues to your therapist throughout the treatment. [/list][list style=”list-img3″] A minimum 4 hours notice is required for cancellation of bookings. Cancellations made outside of this time frame or clients who fail to turn up for an appointment will be charged the full price of the scheduled treatment. [/list][list style=”list-img3″] Tip envelopes are available at the front desk. Standard gratuity is 15-20% of the original spa treatment cost. Although you are not required to tip, it is common courtesy to show your therapist that they did an exceptional job. [/list]